about me

In the 90th I studied communication design in Wiesbaden, but had the chance to focus on computer graphics, which was brand new these days. After my degree in 1995 with three animated 3d shorts I joined bibo tv and worked on my first effects for a feature film, Pinocchio from 1996. Over the years I did digital works for feature, TV series, documentaries and commercials. As a 3D generalist I was envolved in all areas of the digital creation process: from modeling over texturing and shading, up to lighting and rendering. Rigging, animation and effects also played a big role.

Since 2011 I am part of the team of pixomondo Frankfurt, where I am currently head of groom|CFX.
Beside that I have been teaching 3D for more than 15 years at universities in Wiesbaden and Mainz.

The passion for scripting goes way back to the 80th, when I made my first attempts in basic on a C64, since then the topic accompanied me til today.